Homoeopathic First Aid Kit: 15ml pilules

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A Mixed Variety of Homeopathic Remedies 

Standard potency strength is 30c

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Please note, we can also produce many more remedies upon your request.

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Included in the kit;

  1. Tussin: for cough relief
  2. Enterin: for diarrhoea
  3. Otalgin: for ear pain relief
  4. Dentalgin: for tooth ache
  5. Pharyngin: for throat pain relief
  6. Influensin: for fever and flu relief
  7. Rhum: for head cold
  8. Dyspepsin: for dyspepsia and indigestion
  9. Arnica: for shock relief
  10. Aringin: for sore throat relief
  11. Entorsin: for sprain relief
  12. Calendula: for wounds and cuts
  13. Calentinct: is a wound tincture
  14. Contusin: is a bruise cream
  15. Canpharin: for minor burns
  1. Stingoin: for bite and sting
  2. Calendula: is a wound cream