This famous homeopathic remedy has been used for hundreds of years, especially in mountainous regions of the world. We use it now for all kinds of cases of injury.

Take a dose of Arnica as soon as you can after any accident has happened. It may seem strange to take a remedy internally for a cut or a bruise but this little flower remedy has collosal power to help with a process called extravasation - that's the breaking of tissue under the skin. Bruises heal more easily, often not getting as bad as they would have,AND ALSO.. it calms the mind and spirit if a person has had a mental or emotional shock and feel bruised or injured as though they had got a physical injury.

I have seen wonderful effects after the shock of grief or the loss of a job.. Arnica doesn't take the hurt away but it does bring a calmness which helps such a lot.

There is an Arnica cream available in most good health food shops. It's good to use on the skin where there is bruising - but NEVER apply it to the skin if it is broken at all; it will aggravate the wound.