My Story

Complementary Medicine Practitioner
Accredited with the Holistic Health Associates International (5568453)


My name is Jacques Castel. I am your Meta-physician, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Homoeopath, Holistic Life Counsellor, Mental Health Practitioner, Homoeopathic Pharmacist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Skeletal Aligner and BowTech Bowen therapist. Quantum & Bioenergetic NES Health Practitioner.

I have been a Complementary Medicine practitioner since 2004.

I am an ex Australian Regular Army Soldier and ex Commercial Pilot. I was drawn to holistic health after suffering an incident of severe adverse fish poisoning. At the time, my ECG (Electrocardiogram) showed an erratic heart beat similar to someone who was suffering from several heart attacks. It remained abnormal for quite a while and resulted in my Aviation career taking a plunge. 

I remained ill for five solid months and was unable to regain my health from conventional treatments. However, I was fortunate to come under the care of a Naturopath/Homoeopath and shortly after was told by a medical Doctor that my ECG was back to normal.

After witnessing the Naturopath’s expertise and competency in restoring my health, I decided that this was what I want to do. I gained my qualifications and graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree of Naturopathy majoring in Classical Homoeopathy and pharmacology. I also hold a Bachelor and a master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences and a Doctorate degree in Philosophy majoring in Holistic Life Counselling. 

Accredited & Registered Bowtech Bowen therapist, Homoeopath, Naturopath & Exercise Physiologist 
(10533NAT); (HLT60607); (CNN99); (CNO30)
Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) B.Hsc 
Bachelor of Naturopathic Medicine. B.NAT
Bachelor of Metaphysical Science. B.Msc
Certified Trainer and Assessor of Complementary Medicine (TAE40110)
Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Life Counselling. Ph.D 
Human Health Science Researcher 
Master of Metaphysical Science. M.Msc
Ordained Metaphysical Minister. Rev
Post Graduate Certificate of Homoeopathic Facial Analysis. HFA
Post Graduate Diploma of Nutritional Medicine (Mental Health)  
Bio-energetic Medicine Practitioner
Practitioner of Remedial Massage, Sports Therapy & Skeletal Alignment. (M11)

Post Graduate Studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM (COTH2106)

Charles Sturt University, RMIT University, University of Metaphysics, University of Sedona, University Seminary of Metaphysics, Australian Institute of Applied Sciences, Health schools Australia, Sejumi Institute of further education, The Victorian College of Classical Homoeopathy, Bowen Training Australia.
Registration & Association: HHAI, IMM

HHAI: Holistic Health Associations International (5568453)
IMM: Member of the Metaphysical Ministry (Member of the Counselling Psychology Association)